In the spring of 2011 ,with the resurgence of the popularity of the small but powerful Ukulele, a few intrepid Edmonton players went looking for a place to play and learn with other like minded strummers. At that Time no opportunity was to be found in the Edmonton Area so we created one. We called it the Edmonton Ukulele circle. There are now a number of circles in and around Edmonton. This site contains information about the circle that meets at the Bogani cafe and the Lois Hole Library. It also includes some general information about Ukulele circles in and around the Edmonton area. Happy strumming!



We exist to provide a comfortable and informal place for Ukulele enthusiasts of every level of ability to meet once each month to share a love of making music with the Ukulele.


Bogani Cafe (great coffee, great food)

2023 111th Street, Edmonton


Third Sunday of every month

2:30 PM to 4:00 PM

We play songs from Jim Beloff ‘s “Daily Ukulele Song Book” ( the yellow book )and the “Daily Ukulele Leap Year Edition” ( the blue book ). Monthly Circle play selections will be posted on this blog for the circle at Bogani cafe and the Lois Hole Library. – click on SONG LIST above this post. We contribute $5.00 each to Gary Myers a professional musician who leads the circle.

Your Ukulele news, comments and suggestions are welcome on this site or on our Facebook page at Edmonton Ukulele.




22 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. Our group is growing. 30 members came to the last circle. We are ukulele players and wannabes of all ages and abilities Look forward to meeting new members. Our next circle will be on Dec 16th!.
    PS we no longer use the MEET UP site for our circle updates.


    1. Hi Diane,
      I just got my first ukulele this past Christmas and have caught the bug! Hehehe. Would love to join your group. Is your next gathering on Sunday Feb 16 at Bogani’s? Is there a cost to join? I own both of Beloff’s ukulele song books. I live in Stony Plain and am really looking forward to meeting everyone.
      All the best


  2. Diane and Bob are owed a BIG THANKS for promoting our Uku Circle on Meetup and paying for it. They are committed to the Uku Circle. Diane has NOT “stepped down” as meet up suggests. She continues to take a leadership role in the circle and is single handedly keeping this web site current and managing all the communication issues. This is a BIG job.. any volunteers to help?
    As we said at our last few meetings the Meetup site is not cost effective. This web site is free.
    Our circle players have increased and our fun increases with every new player.
    Join me in thanking Diane and Bob for hatching this excellent circle and their continuing support in so many ways. THANKS


    1. Thanks Janet, for your generous comments. Our Circle is fantastic! There is no other ukulele group in Edmonton that has as much fun as we do. Well okay ours is the only group, but seriously…..how could it be any better with such a great bunch of ukulele players and our leader Gary Myers. See you on the 16th!


  3. thanks Gary for organizing another workshop. You said it would be at Bogani’s on Sunday the 3rd of February at 2.30. The cost per player is $30.00. Look forward to it…


  4. I just heard about your circle, couple of questions, is the book you are using written in tablature or actual music notes? I know there are different ukuleles, soprano,tenor etc, what uke do you recommend? Lastly, any players in the Spruce Grove- Stony area?


    1. Thanks Bill. the book is in music notes and chords. it is not in tab. Most people at the circle have a soprano or tenor Uku. One person has a bass. The bass has different fingering for chords. Either a soprano or tenor is probably easiest. If there are players in the spruce – Stony area they are welcome to join our circle. But not sure if there any already attending. We can ask at the next get together! Hope that helps and hope to see you at the next circle on Dec 22


  5. My friend Brenda Schmidt from Creighton, Saskatchewan is friends with someone from our group, and she won’t tell me who it is. I asked at our last circle, but there was no response. I am on a quest to find out who this mutual friend is. Please let me know! Please….


  6. Hello fellow ukulele players,

    I would like to join this ukulele group. Where can I get a copy of the ukulele book you play from? Do you ever create song lists from the Ukulele Hunt website? It’s great. Do I need to do anything to join, or do I just show up at the next meeting?



    1. Yes Malloroy just come to the next circle which will be January 19th. We play from the Beloff book calledJumpin Jimm’s Ukulele songbook the daily Ukulele. It is yellow and available at the circle for $25.00 or at some music stores in town like Long and McQuade. thanks for the referral to the Uku site. will take a look at that.
      Please join our circle and enjoy..


      1. I would like to join your group this coming Jan. 19th. I would come for learning and info needed to participate. I have a ukulele but, alas, cannot play yet. What key should it be tuned to? I guess getting started is my first and biggest challenge…..Thanks for your help,



  7. Are you getting together in April at Bogani’s? I recently bought a ukulele in Hawaii and learned to play a bit on a Princess Cruise. Would love to continue.


    1. sorry that we had to cancel the april circle because the cafe was closed.. Hope to see you in May on the long weekend and in the Park June 1st from 2 to 4


  8. I wish that some of the newer players would realize how fortunate we are to have Gary as our leader. What some people aren’t understanding is that when you have someone to lead, you follow them and keep the same timing/rhythm as the leader and rest of the group. People really need to listen to each other!
    As a seasoned (though not the greatest) player, I’m finding it extremely frustrating to have others in the group playing faster, and louder, with different chords and different strums than what our leader, Gary is playing. Every song is a train-wreck.
    Let’s have some respect for Gary and the other players, and listen to each other and try to play TOGETHER! Gary has so much to offer, and some of us are there to learn, not to show off. It may be a matter of ignorance, and if that’s the case, perhaps something should be said at the start of each session about listening and following when you have someone to lead the circle.


  9. Looking forward to the December 21st strum along at Bogani’s. Really enjoyed the first one last month. Thank you for leading the group, Gary.


    1. What I really meant was that I really enjoyed my first session/strum along with the circle. Fortunately, there are enough players that we can drown out each other’s foibles and just enjoy playing and singing along.


  10. Is there a minimum age to join the circle? I was also wondering if it is mostly adults or are there are some teens there as well? Because I’m a teenager it would be more comfortable if there were some people my age there as well. I’m pretty new to the ukulele but I would love to join your circle!


    1. There are people from 10 to 80 at the circle. Most of the players are adults but we have some students who attend. We would love go have you join us. You would be made very welcome.
      Please come and see for yourself!


  11. Wish I could’ve made it to the circle today! Had another commitment though.

    When is the meet up at fort Edmonton? I see the playlist here on the site, but it doesn’t have the date/time.


    1. Next Fort Edmonton gig July 03 and then August 13. Meet at the entrance 12.30 play until about 2.30 bring you boater hat or get one there from Beth for $5.00 your uku, a music stand, a chair the music


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