Ukrainian Village and Fort Edmonton

We have been invited to play our Ukuleles at Fort Edmonton the following dates:

Sunday July 03 and Saturday August 13 WE WILL MEET AT THE FORT EDMONTON PARK at the entrance at 12.30 we play from 1 to 2.30 at the Fort Edmonton Park 1920s street. Please wear your hat, black pants or black summer pants and a white top or Hawaiian themed shirt.  Please bring your Uku, a music stand that is free standing , the music and a smile.. picnic table benches will be provided by the park. Bring a chair if you prefer one.

We have also been invited to play at the Ukranian Village for their Harvest days weekend on September 11th. We can car pool to the Village. We need to be there between 11.30 and 2.00 .

These “gigs” will be a sing along format with us leading the participants in a sing a long. We have chosen music at the request of the Parks that is in keeping with their mandate of education people about Edmonton in the period 1900 – 1930.  The SONG LIST IS PUBLISHED ON THE PAGE ABOVE>

Anyone who want to participate should meet us at the gate at Fort Edmonton at 12.30 on the day of the event. We have hats for the group $5.00 cash please. Yours to keep!!


Should be very fun! The first one was!


4 thoughts on “Ukrainian Village and Fort Edmonton

  1. At first sight of the group playing at Fort Edmonton Park, I got hooked on the idea of playing Ukulele and singing old fashion fork music. The group members are all so helpful to my eager to learn and joining the group. Thanks to all wonderful people.


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