Playalong – Log Driver’s Waltz in Nashville Numbers

You may run across a kind of notation called the Nashville Number System, especially if you find yourself in the woods with some bluegrass players. They may appear instead of traditional chord letter names on a sheet of paper with song lyrics, or they might be hollered or signaled using fingers.

Do you know how to read Nashville numbers? (It’s interesting that Nashville names it. Jazz people have been doing it for decades, you dig.)

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Let’s learn Danse Macabre!

This is my favourite Halloween music. I remember watching TV in the crunchy yellow of an October afternoon, waiting to get ready to go out with my plastic pumpkin, but mostly waiting for my scary music to come on. It always did.

I’ve found a very nice three-part ukulele performance score for a short version of it. Want to learn it to play at Cafe Blackbird before Halloween? I think we could be great. Come on, what are you afraid of?

Oh. Skeletons? Oh. Well. You have a point, probably.

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After five years

On┬áSunday, it was announced that Gary’s last circle as leader would be December 2016, following which we will continue as a self-led group.

Gary, a wonderful musician and teacher, has been part of the Edmonton Ukulele Circle for its entire existence, helping to grow and develop it from a quartet to the great galumphing organization it is today. He will be appearing locally with his guitar.

Come celebrate Gary in December at a party with date to be determined.