Playalong – Evening in Caroline


This is a jaunty little tune by Walter Donaldson, 1931. It’s been recorded by a few people, but the best two records are the Boswell Sisters and this guy.

An Evening in CarolineTed Black (Chick Bullock vocal)

Keep reading for the playalong music, and also the Boswell Sisters.

Original sheet music with the correct key ukulele chords here. (Baritones, see below for some chord love for you.) This matches the Ted Black and Chick Bullock video. You can leave off the first page intro to play along, as the recording starts with a short four-bar intro and then goes straight into the chorus on page 2. They play it through without singing once, and then through again with the vocal.

Chords you’ll need:

Need something easier? Don’t be alarmed; you can get through the tune just fine with a simplified chart. Some of these are passing chords just there for the flavour.

So leave them on the side of your plate. Easy version chords are here.

Finally, just for your own delight, here are the Boswell Sisters doing the same tune. It’s a different key, but they are just so excellent and so much fun. Ted’s record plays it pretty straight, but this one swings like a pendulum do. You need this in your ear.

An Evening In CarolineThe Boswell Sisters


If you’d like to ask to lead this song at the Edmonton Ukulele Circle, go right ahead, sugar!


4 thoughts on “Playalong – Evening in Caroline

    1. Date for what? If you are looking for the next Circle, it is Blackbird, Monday Nov 14 (tonight) and then Bogani, Sunday Nov 20. You can click Next Playlist at the top if that is what you are looking for.


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