CAFE BLACKBIRD CIRCLE: Monday, January 23rd

Monday, January 23rd

The Circle will meet at our regular time from 6:30 to 8:30. We’ll be running through a selection of songs that will be played February 2 at World Ukulele Day (rehearsal may also include Pachelbel’s Canon and Four Strong Winds). You can download the PDF music for those two pieces here. If time permits, we’ll do some Player’s Choice song selections, too.


The order has been placed and closed, and will arrive on or before the 31st.

  • Good news: Yes, I did order a few extras for anyone who didn’t make a request before the order closed.

(Read on for the rest of the playlist, or to leave a comment with your song choice!)

More about shirts

  • Bad news: there are limited sizes and limited quantities of extras — as of Thursday night, there are only men’s large (five available) and men’s extra large (two available). See me at Blackbird if you want to reserve one. $30 each; cash is lovely.
  • Indifferent but pleasant news: at some point, more shirts (and music book tote bags!) will be available, with other designs, so if you missed out, don’t be sad! You, too, can be fashionably attired.

Playlists and Requests

Want to announce your song choice ahead of time so people can practice? Leave a comment with the title, songbook, and page number! Or if you’re bringing something not in the books, you can let us know about that, too.

Welcome to any new players who will be stopping in to check it out.

See you at Cafe Blackbird!

9640 142 Street

Repertoire Lists for January 23

(We may also play other pieces not listed here at the discretion of the song leader.)

Five Foot Two Yellow 82
Love Potion #9 Yellow 155
These Boots Are Made For Walking Yellow 232
Walk Right In Yellow 255
Let Your Love Flow Blue 222
California Dreaming Yellow 46
Leaving On A Jet Plane Blue 218
The Shoop Shoop Song Blue 304
Time After Time Blue 358
Can’t Help Falling in Love Yellow 51
Rainbow Connection Yellow 324
Pachelbel’s Canon SHEET

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