CAFE BLACKBIRD CIRCLE: Monday, February 27

Monday, February 27th

The Circle will meet at our regular time from 6:30 to 8:30. We’ll be running through a repertoire list (read on) and discussing tunes we’ll add to our regular rotation. Of course, we’ll do Player’s Choice song selections, too.

We’ll be playing Mighty Quinn. (Thanks, Mitch!)
YouTube video
Soprano Concert Tenor sheet
Baritone sheet

(Read on for the repertoire list, or to leave a comment with your song choice!)

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BOGANI CAFE CIRCLE Sunday, February 19

We’ll be meeting at our regular time, 2:00 – 4:30 at Bogani Cafe. (playlist starts at 2:30, warmup and wander-in at 2)

This time we’ll be running through a couple of repertoire playlists for the upcoming City Market gig. You will need your YELLOW books for the lists, and you can decide whether to bring your BLUE book. It’s heavy! But maybe someone will choose a song from it! We will also have some time for Player’s Choice, and to pick some new songs to practice.

You can click Next Playlist at the top of the page.


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Well, that was fun!

A dandy time was had by all at World Ukulele Day

Feedback included:

  • WOOOOOOOO! (Indeed!)
  • Can I join your group? And your other group? (Yes! And probably!)
  • Who’s that awesome person playing now? (Which one? We had multiple awesomeness!)

Also, it was noted that occasionally it was difficult to hear people speaking on stage. (We’ll be working to change that for next time!)

We had at least 130 players, and a full contingent of singers and attendees in the stands.