We’ll be meeting at our regular time, 2:00 – 4:30 at Bogani Cafe. (playlist starts at 2:30, warmup and wander-in at 2)

We’ll be running through some Repertoire Lists (#7 and maybe some from #5). You will need both your BLUE and YELLOW books. We will also have some time for Player’s Choice, and to pick some new songs to practice.

You can click Next Playlist at the top of the page.


…it is here, also.

We’ll work through List 7, and cherry-pick from List 5 if people pass on choosing a song.

**LIST 7 YELLOW ** Yellow Page Key Chords
Take Me Out To The Ballgame 227 C 10 Average
That’ll Be the Day 230 A 6 Average D#dim
Tonight You Belong To Me 242 G 7 Intermediate Cm6 E9
What’ll I Do 258 C 8 Average
We’ll Meet Again 259 C 9 Average


*List 5 Yellow* Page Key Chords Level Why
Ain’t Misbehavin’ 15 C 10 Average
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown 30 G 5 Easy
Bill Bailey, Won’t You Please Come Home 35 D 6 Average B7
Blue Skies 38 C 7 Intermediate Eaug 1003 Fm Gaug 0332
Bye Bye Blues 38 F 8 Intermediate C#7 Cm Fdim Gm7
Chapel Of Love 53 G 5 Easy

See you at Bogani Cafe!

2323 111 Street


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