Summer Gig Car Songs!

Put on your plinking caps.

Over the summer, we’ll have several opportunities to go out and perform as a group. (Up to date information will always be posted in the Gigs section of the Events page.) We’ve been working on repertoire lists to give us more range and selection for performances.

So here is an opportunity for you to have some input! Click through for more.

One of the upcoming gigs (June) will be at a vintage car event. We need your suggestions for CAR SONGS. We’d like to start rehearsing them soon.

Suggestions we’ve had:

Lowrider – War. This is a yes — simple (one chord!) fun, riff is good on kazoo.
Little Red Corvette – Prince. Mmmaybe if we only sang the chorus.
Beep Beep (Nash Rambler) – The Playmates. Fun, annoying, speeds up until totally silly! Needs a meep meep soloist with a bulb horn.
Greased Lightning – from Grease. Could be ultramatic, if we concentrate on the racing part and not the racy part. “Clean” bowdlerized version.

There are a few in the book, as well. Route 66 is good!

  • We need about ten.
  • As it is a vintage car event, maybe look at vintage songs first.
  • They need to be appropriate for a mixed audience or able to be adapted to that point (so let’s skip Paradise By The Dashboard Light and Bitchin’ Camaro)
  • and recognizable as car-related.
  • plus suitable for the Circle to play (not too complex, fun).
  • You can either provide a chart for the tune, or ask us to track it down, but in either case,
  • please link a video so we can hear it.



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