Event: Ukestration Concert & Workshop June 22

Join the ukulele community June 22 for a concert and workshop!

Mark Jackson and Jane Jelbart lead a fun co-operative workshop and perform for the group. Bring your ukulele, or you’ll feel all weird and self-conscious, probably.

What will you learn? Check them out on YouTube to see video of previous workshops.

Ukestration Workshop

  • WHEN      Thursday, June 22, 2017, 7:00-9:15 P. M.
  • WHERE    Strathcona County Community Centre (Councillor’s Chambers)
    401 Festival Ln, Sherwood Park, AB
  • REGISTRATION   $35.00 per participant. To register, set up a profile and register online at the summer add-in programs and workshops page for Strathcona County, or you could call 780-464-2852 or visit www.strathcona.ca to see other ways to register.

Ukestration describes the process of breaking down a piece of music into multiple parts (yeah, orchestration!) to play as a group. These parts are customized to your skill level to allow everybody to play and contribute to the sound.

Ukestration June 22.jpg


2 thoughts on “Event: Ukestration Concert & Workshop June 22

  1. I would like to register for June 22 ukulele concert and workshop. I cant find the site for this event. Please help me, 3 of us are stuck in “No where land” here. LOL Thank you!


    1. Yes, the registration page is a bit of a mysterious landscape. I’ve added some information to the post to make things easier to find. Let me know if you’re still having trouble!


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