Ukrainian Cultural Village GIG: Sunday, June 25

Sunday, June 25
ucv vintage gig.JPG


The Circle will meet for our June Ukrainian Cultural Village gig from 1-3 on Sunday, June 25 at the Ukrainian Cultural Village, Highway 16, east of Edmonton, just east of Elk Island National Park. RAIN OR SHINE, my dears. It’s vintage vehicle day! We encourage carpooling/ridesharing to the location. Please allow yourself an hour of travel time from the city to get there.

Any circle member is welcome to sign up to perform with the group at this engagement. Chairs are provided, bring your own stand and books, or arrange to share.

There are two performance stages, one in the courtyard (#68 on the park map, same place as last year if you played) and one on the flatbed stage in the vehicle exhibit area (unknown exact location, but pretty obvious once we arrive). We are fielding two groups of players, one for each stage, as the performances will overlap. So yes, two bands. Players wishing to accommodate physical access requirements will probably prefer the courtyard side.

COURTYARD:  1:30 – 2:30    FLATBED STAGE:  2 – 3.


We’ll be playing songs selected from our repertoire lists (click to see them) and probably working with lists 12, 13, and 14, as well as other vintage (pre-1935) tunes.

(Read on for additional details, or to leave a comment.)

How To Get There:


See you at the Ukrainian Cultural Village! Check out maps and information at their website.


Gig Playlist will be selected from the repertoire list page plus appropriate suggestions from players.

If you want to make a playlist suggestion beforehand, leave a comment below. If you need reference material, you can check out the Beloff Index for all the Daily Ukulele song titles with page number, key, and difficulty level! THIS VENUE MAY REQUIRE VINTAGE PLAYLISTS. (Playlists 12, 13, 14 from the repertoire list page are vintage tunes, but there are plenty more in the books and elsewhere that are pre-1935.)


2 thoughts on “Ukrainian Cultural Village GIG: Sunday, June 25

  1. Great morning to all!!
    Just a thought about playing outside. Since I’m new to this and don’t know what others have done in the past re: playing with breezes blowing, may I suggest we bring something to secure our music from being blown to another page. Was just practicing in my livingroom with the fan on…made me think…Ooooh, right. Thought I’d pass this on for other newbies like myself. Thanks.
    Enjoy this lovely day. : )
    Great job on this site, by the way. Thanks for all you do!


    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment!
      There are a number of ways — a big old folio elastic (bag of 20, various colours, $2 at Staples) a clear top stand clip, a page-sized piece of clear acrylic, or, my favourite, two binder clips, a length of wrapped elastic, and a wire wrap crimper to connect them.


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