World Ukulele Day is Friday, February 2, 2018


Posters for you to download and print (more designs coming)


Read on for more information!

World Ukulele Day: A Free Event for All!

  • WHEN       Friday, February 2, 2018, 6:30 – 8:30
  • WHERE    West Edmonton Mall Newcap Radio Stage (Main Floor, Phase IV, near Entrance 56 and the former HMV)
  • DETAILS   It’s free! Bring your ukulele! Bring your Beloff blue and yellow books if you have them!

It’s a mass uprising of friendly ukulele power! Several ukulele circles (plus many as-yet unaffiliated ukulele players) are coming together to bring joy and happiness to the dim days of February. Everyone is welcome! Grownups, kids, parents or loved ones who just want to sing along or listen, hipsters, vaudevillians, troubadours, time-traveling lute players, student groups, and YOU.

Each participating circle will lead the whole group in playing a set of four songs chosen from the Beloff Daily Ukulele or Daily Ukulele Leap Year songbooks. Click here for the list of songs.

We Will Supply:

  • The songlist for each circle, with titles and page numbers for the books
  • Lyrics sheets for singers
  • Equal access for baritone ukulele players (baritone chord diagrams)

Wait, I Have Questions!

  • What if I don’t have these books?
    • Come sit with us! We’ve planned for every table to have people with the books, and you can play along.
  • What if I’m new at this ukulele thing?
    • Good! It’s fun!
    • Did your aunt give you a ukulele for Christmas? She’s pretty awesome. Bring her along and come to World Ukulele Day! (If you’re a kid, you are invited to come, but maybe bring an adult you know, so you don’t have to sit alone with strangers.)

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