Last Minute World Ukulele Day Shirts

Want one of these?

Your wish is my command — yes, we’ll have shirts this year. I’ll be placing the order in time for World Ukulele Day (February 2)

  • Is it sold by the Edmonton Ukulele Circle?  Nope, same as last time, these items are designed and produced and offered by a Circle member to you.
  • When will I get it?  On or before February 2.
  • Is it the same brand of shirt as last time? Yes. This shirt is ROYAL BLUE in colour; standard order is a unisex short sleeve Gildan heavyweight cotton, sizes S-M-L-XL-2XL-3XL. Cost is $30, payable by e-transfer. A small number of common sizes will be made available for the naked or the late or the impulse shopper.
  • Can you special-request ladies or youth sizes? How about unisex 4XL and 5XL? Yeah, I got your back. You can also ask about other sizes, and you will be accommodated if they are available. These special requests must be prepaid by e-transfer, however, as they will not be ordered unless they have a happy home to go to.
  • Why is it last minute? Ideally, this would have been decided and arranged earlier, but it was not.
  • What else you got goin’ on? I am already stylishly dressed! I have tote bags tough enough to carry both Daily Ukulele books, plus carry your kazoo and your water bottle, in two different designs. I have strings, of many varieties in soprano, concert, and tenor (baritone sold out). I still have Hipster Owl shirts from last year, also. (People who were interested in a reorder and did not pick up or contact me — I probably still have your shirt. If you want it, let me know, or I’ll free them for sale to others on February 2!)

Contact/order form inside, so read on:

Interested in a ROYAL BLUE WORLD UKULELE shirt?

Yes, but I have burning questions!
January 19? But I didn’t know until January 22! ARGH! I know. I want to get as many orders in by the 19th as possible to lock in the lower price. The vendor will let me know how late I can still add shirts. If I can get it after at the low price, so will you! Because this is short notice, I will do whatever I can for you.
Is that Edmonton? Yeah. And a possibly-radioactive giant Kamaka soprano.
How do I order? Fill out this form. It only goes to me, and I do not share the details with anyone.
How do I pay? When I receive and reply to your form, I will enclose instructions on how to send an e-transfer of $30.
I already emailed you! That’s not a question. Well, it implies one, I guess, so okay. If you already emailed me, we’ll pretend you filled out the form, and I’ll reply with e-transfer instructions just like normal.
How do I get you to buy it for me instead of doing that? If I know you, and you will repay me in cash on or before February 2, and it is actually impossible for you to use e-transfer, you can ask me to do you this favour. If I do not know you (hi, stranger!) do not. (My pocket is not infinite, so if you have both a bank account and an email address, please use e-transfer instead!)
I don’t know you, but my circle leader does and has offered to collect from me/us! Okay. Fill out the form, and get them to email me.
I’m not coming to the event, can I still have one? Sure! I’ll even ship it, but after February 2.
I’m a famous out-of-town ukulele player that you have heard of, can I have a free shirt? Yes. If you order in advance, and come pick it up at the event. Bring your ukulele!

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