Playalong: La La Blues – Pokey LaFarge

What’s a playalong? It’s where we put a video up and provide chords in the same key. Come on, admit it; you knew that one.

Pokey LaFarge heads a small acoustic band out of St. Louis, MO. They’re billed as American Roots musicians, but that doesn’t really cover it. You’ll hear blues, you’ll recognize bluegrass in there, and you’ll also notice a great deal of wit and swing. People call him a time traveler. That’s good enough.


Playalong lyrics and chords below.

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Playalong – Evening in Caroline


This is a jaunty little tune by Walter Donaldson, 1931. It’s been recorded by a few people, but the best two records are the Boswell Sisters and this guy.

An Evening in CarolineTed Black (Chick Bullock vocal)

Keep reading for the playalong music, and also the Boswell Sisters.

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Playalong – Songs of WWII


On November 11, my father would take us where the veterans were, and we would listen. First, there were stories. Then they would sing.

I  always knew this tune as part of a medley sung by Dame Vera Lynn, along with Hang Out The Washing On The Siegfried Line and Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant-Major. However, in the current context, it pleases me to present it in its original recorded format, as played by ukist of note, George Formby.

BLESS ‘EM ALLGeorge Formby

Playalong lyrics (with melody sheet) and chords right here.

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Playalong – I’ve Got A Feeling I’m Falling (1929)

If you’ve seen Sita Sings The Blues, you’ve heard Annette Hanshaw.

This tune has a nice minor and 7th progression that is fun to play along to. The video is (technically) in the same key as the chart, but just a little off speed, so… ehh. I played it and had fun anyway.

I’ve Got A Feeling I’m FallingAnnette Hanshaw

Playalong lyrics and chords below.

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Playalong – Log Driver’s Waltz in Nashville Numbers

You may run across a kind of notation called the Nashville Number System, especially if you find yourself in the woods with some bluegrass players. They may appear instead of traditional chord letter names on a sheet of paper with song lyrics, or they might be hollered or signaled using fingers.

Do you know how to read Nashville numbers? (It’s interesting that Nashville names it. Jazz people have been doing it for decades, you dig.)

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