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Here’s everything listed by venue, with addresses. Some events may be out of town. They are totally worth the drive, let me tell you.

February 02 West Edmonton Mall World Ukulele Day. Players, please bring a floor stand, your ukulele, the music for the play list posted on the main page or plan to share with another player. There will be limited space on the stage primarily for players. Singers are encouraged to bring a chair and sit around the stage. This is an “all play” event for Edmonton and area ukulele circles to celebrate the ukulele with the greater Edmonton community. Join us and have some fun. No sign up necessary. Free public event

February 13 Equine Centre classroom at 12504 Fox Drive, between 6:30 and 8:30 there will be a learning session. Players are invited to share tips and tricks and come to discuss leading strategies, roadmap reading and what you would like to learn. If you want to identify some issues you would like discussed please leave a comment on this site or let a member of the circle know. Please sign up at the Edmonton Ukulele Circle at 2nd Cup.

February 17 Newcastle Pub at 8170 – 50 st, between 6:30 and 8:00 there will be an offsite circle. The play list will be provided at the Circle to interested players. Please sign up at the Edmonton Ukulele Circle at 2nd Cup.

Edmonton Valley Zoo
13315 Buena Vista Road
See you next year!

Ukrainian Cultural Village
Hwy 16, 45 min east of Edmonton

See you next year!

Fort Edmonton Park
7000 143 Street

See you next year!

Seba Beach Farmer’s Market
Seba Beach (45 min west of Edmonton)

See you next year!


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