Join us

Got a ukulele? Thinking about getting one? Maybe you like to sing?

Where and When

Join us on the third Sunday of each month at Bogani Cafe, 2023 111 Street, Edmonton. It is free to attend.

We also play at Cafe Blackbird, 9640 142 Street, Edmonton on the second and fourth Monday of each month from 6:30-8:30. It is free to attend.

Be sure to enjoy a beverage or snack from our hosting cafes while you’re there!

Please check the main page for any updates regarding time or date, especially near holiday weekends. You’d feel awful if you didn’t.


We use the Beloff Daily Ukulele and Daily Ukulele Leap Year books, fondly known as the Yellow Book and Blue Book. If you’re new, come sit in and share with someone. You can purchase a book from us when you’re ready! We also supplement this healthy diet with other music found, adapted, composed and/or arranged by members, who copy or post it for our members to learn.


BE NICE TO NEWBIES! Everyone is welcome. We have players of every skill level, so come out and play with us.

Worried about measuring up? Still picking the price tag off your ukulele? Just ask Three-Chord Gord, and he’d agree – come out and join us and learn as you go!

BARITONE EQUAL ACCESS! Whenever we post an arrangement we created, it will have chord diagrams. It will come in baritone flavour, as well as soprano/concert/tenor.

We love singers, too, so bring one if you’ve got one!