All you need to uke it up in the comfort of your own home

Transcribe some music or write a song

I generated a nice staff paper for a melody line with room for title, chords, and lyrics:       Download music staff paper

Blank ukulele chord diagrams:     Download blank ukulele chord diagrams

Or generate your own (staff) (chord) at Incompetech.

Is that a G or a G7? Figure out your progression at Chordify.

Learn some chords

Do you wish you knew what chord you accidentally just played? Tired of first position F? Want to see some chord inversions further up the neck? UkeBuddy will teach you things. It has a great, simple interface, and helped me figure out some nice moveable chords. You can also learn to tune by ear with their ear tuner.

Download a nice juicy PDF chord chart by choosing:

Basics (soprano, concert, or tenor): basic chord chart or first position chords

Basics (baritone): baritone chord chart

Further up the neck: chord inversions chart

Learn some songs


TheUkuleleTeacher on YouTube is a friendly, businesslike dude who will teach you how to play many popular ukulele tunes. His tutorials always show you how to form the chords, and then how to strum, and then give you a chance to play along. Check out his YouTube channel. He also goes into some more complicated tunes.

More advanced

Ukulele Underground (UU) has some excellent tutorials. They do have a paid subscription membership for a good selection of their stuff, but they offer a lot of free tutorial and playalong videos as well.

I need more of something! Grandma sent me money!


Check with us at the next circle! We know some good private ukulele teachers. We could also, with enough interest, set up some casual group lessons for beginners.

Where’d you get that (cool thing you have) anyway?

What, a table stand? You can get one at the university bookstore as a textbook holder, or in the kitchen store as a cookbook stand, or at the teacher store as a mini-easel.

More will be added as we go along!