Shirts SOLD OUT except…


The order has been placed and closed, and will arrive on or before the 31st. If you’ve prepaid or confirmed a request with me, you are covered.

  • As of Sunday night, there are only TWO SHIRTS left. ONE men’s large and ONE men’s extra large. See me at Blackbird if you want to reserve one. $30 each; first handful of cash wins.
  • Future shirt and swag plans: at some point, more shirts (and music book tote bags!) will be available, with other designs, so if you missed out, don’t be sad! You, too, can be fashionably attired.

Other Stuff

Hey, I found some super cheap table stands in a certain Swedish store.

  • Are they elegant? NO.
  • Are they heavy-duty? NO. But they’ll hold a Beloff book or your tablet.
  • Are they made of stark and glaring white plastic that will hurt your artistic soul just a tiny bit? YOU BET YOUR BOTTOM THEY ARE.
  • Are they from a big cardboard box on the main floor right by the checkout? YES.

I paid $2.10 including tax, and will sell you one at cost because I love you. I’ll bring them to Blackbird and you can see if you want one or not. I have a small pile of them, maybe 7.

If you like the concept but not the execution, they also have a bamboo version at the store for $17.00, but what are you, a billionaire? A panda? A billionaire panda?!

CAFE BLACKBIRD CIRCLE: Monday, January 23rd

Monday, January 23rd

The Circle will meet at our regular time from 6:30 to 8:30. We’ll be running through a selection of songs that will be played February 2 at World Ukulele Day (rehearsal may also include Pachelbel’s Canon and Four Strong Winds). You can download the PDF music for those two pieces here. If time permits, we’ll do some Player’s Choice song selections, too.


The order has been placed and closed, and will arrive on or before the 31st.

  • Good news: Yes, I did order a few extras for anyone who didn’t make a request before the order closed.

(Read on for the rest of the playlist, or to leave a comment with your song choice!)

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See you at BOGANI CAFE this Sunday!

We’ll be meeting at our regular time, 2:00 – 4:30 at Bogani Cafe.

  • The World Ukulele Day Volunteer Sign Up Sheet is going to be there waiting lovingly for your name.
  • We’ll have some books for sale, both blue and yellow.
  • Also, if you want a WORLD UKULELE DAY shirt, you can get on the list for the order by bringing $30. I must advise the printer of the total count to get the shirts in time, so Sunday is our last chance.

We’ll be running through the World Ukulele Day selections! You will need both your BLUE and YELLOW Beloff books. You can click Next Playlist at the top of the page.


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